About me??


If reading my posts led to you to wanting to know a little more about me..I am flattered!! Thank you so much!

It’s the most difficult question..tell me something about yourself?? do you tell the most basic things..name, place, education etc or do you tell the things that make you a different from other, even if it means that the person on the other end does not know you name by the end of it..

Usually I would choose the former..but here you guys don’t need to know my name and i have a lot of time to think about cool things to tell you..so i choose the latter

I am quite funny, I have a crazy laugh..the kind that will either scare you or make u laugh yourself, i do not have the patience to type out full words or to press on the shift key while typing “i” to make it caps, my world would collapse if i couldn’t google things, i have a small set but an amazing group of people i call friends, i am horrible at being creative, well what else….

I don’t play any sports, but I do enjoy watching them, as long as there is someone there to answer all the ridiculous questions that i have, i like dogs, i want to own a baby panda and a  baby elephant who would never grow up and be the best of friends with my dog and would never grow up!!!

that’s me!


24andhappy but weird sometimes