The universe & me

I am usually quite the optimistic, but my optimism level these days have surprised me!

So as you are aware, I quit my job with no savings and no back up plan what so ever, although this is not something I would normally do, I was very unhappy with my job and just was not being myself.

So what is this new found optimism? Well, see long back I read this book called “The Secret” and about the power of the universe and stuff and even though I never consciously made an effort to follow it, I realized that in my life till that point, I had always gotten what I truly wanted and everything had always turned out to for the best. These days I make more an effort to follow this principle of visualizing what I want and believing in it, considering that it worked with 0 effort till now, it must most definitely work now right!

Well, that is where this is coming from. I have applied to all companies in this area and even though I had like 3 very strong leads that I was sure would work out, neither of them did and it did break me each time. But here I am, without a lot of worry, focusing on my “Me” time and knowing, just knowing that everything is going to work out just great and I will get what I want. All those opportunities that did not work out till now are for the best, they probably weren’t what I was looking for. My perfect job is coming to me, it might take a little time, but that’s alright. it’ll be here.

I have 2 opportunities that I have right now and I think each has its plus points and I am hoping for one of them to work out. But if it so happens that like the others they don’t work out either, that’s fine too, they were not meant for me and I’ll get what I want in time.


I have full faith in the Universe, it knows exactly what I want and it is going to bring it to me when it is time.




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