The plan ahead

Well, it is finally here, my last working day is 2 days away and post that I am officially unemployed, “Between jobs” as they say.

What do I plan to do with my life? Well, me and by bestie, who by the way happens to me in the same position as me, are planning to go on a mini trip to Hampi, to just chill and forget about all the crap that is going in life – the unemployment and the confusion! Also, both of us are hoping that life is going to miraculously fall into place once we are back from the trip. So this is plan A, Plan A to Y actually. On the slight off-chance that this miracle does not happen and things don’t automatically fall into place, I have a plan Z as well. Just in case.

So my plan Z is to wait for 2 months in Mangalore, I am sure something will turn up by then but if it does not then start looking for jobs in different locations, preferably Bangalore, but I am keeping an open mind.

In this 2 months of waiting time, I plan to work on myself, go to my fitness class in the morning, help mom with house work, learn to do the said house work, master the art of driving. go on the GM diet as planned and also go help Abhay with his office work when I feel too bored at home. I also plan to read a lot.

I am still hoping and praying with all my heart that my first plan works out and things do magically fall into place in July. I have a feeling it will! It has to right?

Well, this is my signing out for now. I will be back with fun Hampi stories soon!




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