A little bit of Magic

As you guys are aware, I recently quit my job with no back up plan what so ever!

Then, what do you  plan to do you ask? Well, I am not entirely sure about that. There are a couple of places I gave an interview, there is one that I am hoping will work out and if it doesn’t, I am also hoping for something else to turn up.

I have another 20 days left and as of now here is the plan:

  1. I finish work on the 17th of June, I plan to go on a mini vacation with Niya (and if not her, then with Abhay) for like a week or so. So this is done by the end of June
  2. If the one job opportunity I have now works out, then hopefully I will be asked to join by July first week or mid, until then I plan to chill at home and maybe go to office with Abhay and help him out with things, help out at home, master the art of driving cause if this job opportunity does work out, I will have to drive there.
  3. If this job opportunity does not work out, I plan to give myself another months time (till August) for something good to happen, and if things still aren’t looking up by then I will start applying for jobs in Bangalore, while I continue to help Abhay, again, hoping that something will work out then.

I understand completely that this is not a foolproof plan at all and that there are 5 million things that could go wrong that I have not planned for, but that’s alright!

Am I expecting a miracle to happen? Maybe, Am I wrong in doing so? Most definitely not! After all, what truly is life without a little bit of magic and lots of belief!

So this is where I am at, and if there is anyone reading this, I would be very grateful to you if you could just take a milli second of your time and shout out to the Universe to give this girl a little bit of magic.

(It is a Saturday and I have nothing to do or read, you can expect a lot of blogs today)





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