The simpler times

The other day, I let my mind wander and it wandered into a time where life was a lot more simpler, a lot more easy, a lot more happy… you know. Not that it isn’t all those things now, it just seems like it was better then. It was this magical time called “Childhood”. I must admit, childhood for me from school (age 8, cause I can’t remember things before that) till I completed by BBM (Age 20, I considered myself an adult by the time I got to MBA). A lot of this falls into the 90s (Yes, the glorified phase that people cannot stop talking about!! Well, that is for a reason!)

What made those days simpler you ask? I surely must be kidding, there was no internet then, then how can it possibly have been easier and simpler?? Let me tell you.

The Simpler times and what them so:

  1. Every morning I used to read the Newspaper. No, not for the news, it was for the comics and the TV schedule, to see what movie was playing (especially on the weekends) and to wait till 9:00 for the movie to start, stay awake till 12:30, cause that is when it would end. Yes, wait for the ads to get over, switch to other channels during the ad but not forget to switch back (unlike these days, if I even decide to watch a movie)
  2. Every Sunday at 2:00 pm, the local cable operator would play a movie, sometimes new – sometimes old, but you would never know unless it started. Every Sunday without fail I would wait to see what he had decided to play this time and be happy if it was a good movie or just go to sleep if it was something I did not want to watch. Everything is dish TV now and there is no longer the local cable channel!
  3. Having different sets of friends. Yes, this still happens, but it just seemed better then. There were class friends, school friends, tuition friends, van friends, dance class friends etc.
  4. PT period. Need I say more?
  5. Going out for dinner was such a rare thing, I used to hate getting food packed home. Always wanted to wear nice clothes and go out for dinner with my family that too, not friends – FAMILY, where does that even happen anymore?
  6. Going to Mangalore was such a big thing back then! It seemed like a city so far away that we went to only for special occasions. Now its become more like an everyday thing.
  7. Only the privileged had an AC in their home. Even the ones that had them, would use it very carefully. The AC in the car never came on, the window was always down, except for some rare times. Now I can’t really think of the last time I was in a car with the window open (cabs do not count, I mean private cars). Even at home, the AC is on whenever we want and for the longest times!
  8. There was this huge fair that came to town every year. It still does, just doesn’t look so huge anymore. We used to go every year, with family first, with friends later (the girls and guys used to go separately and just “bump” into each other at the fair). The last time I went to this fair was 6 years ago.
  9. Until PUC, I refused to ever wear Kajal while going for family functions (not even daily, for family functions) as much as my mom tried to get me to wear it. By BBM I started wearing Kajal as an everyday thing and my mom now tried to get me to wear lipstick/eye liner (for the family functions I mean) which I used to flat-out refuse. It was in MBA that I started applying nail colour, eye liner and after I started working that i tried out lipstick. I now cannot live without any of the above.
  10. The pure joy when you graduated from using a pencil to using a pen, and not just any pen, a fountain pen. I miss that feeling, I think I will go ahead and buy a fountain pen for myself.
  11. Sitting in class generally, as boring as it used to be, it sure beats sitting at work all day long! By the time I was in BBM, I used to look forward to coming to college just so I can meet my friends and fool around. Taking notes or pretending to take notes(which was most of the time) when we got bored. Making notes to study and studying with your friends (again, this was in BBM). They were the best of times!!!
  12. Getting new textbooks and note books every year, binding them neatly and having to choose a pretty looking name sticker!! I miss doing that
  13. Birthdays, as fun as they are now, seemed like a much bigger deal back then! You would get so many calls, wore new color dress to school, distributing chocolates in class!!
  14. Extra curricular activities in school and in BBM (never really took part in anything in PUC) were the best. BBM especially!!!
  15. Ahhh, the joy of deciding to bunk classes when things got boring, without having to ask permission or worry about loss of pay is something I miss the most!!! How I wish I could just get up and leave office whenever I felt like without having people ask me where I am going and why I was going etc.

Well, these are the things I remember the most and miss a lot! But I guess that is all a part of growing up, cherish these memories while we make new age appropriate memories that we will again cherish ahead in life.




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