There is a trend here…in all my posts…such random topics seem to come to me only on Saturdays!!!

Oh Saturday! You poor misunderstood cursed day..

Aaannyhooo…back to my topic.

How many times have you been dying to get out of work – Every other day? (Yeah I thought so!) Those days where you can only do so much to stop yourself from falling flat on your keyboard and every second seems like an hour…when 5:00 could not be farther away!

well fear no more!! Here are some random things you can do to help speed up this never ending day!

How to get through a Saturday:

  1. Songs are my saviors (“Baarish” from the movie “Half Girlfriend” right now). I plug-in my earphones and pick some work that doesn’t need a lot of mind work – some random monotonous kind of work that lets my mind drift off while my robot hands continue to work. I get a couple of things that involve work like this through out the week, I make sure to keep them all pending specially for this day.
  2. Fun at work : So this applies only if you have fun ppl to work with, which if you have, then you wouldn’t really be here reading all of this! It always helps when you have people with a similar mind-set as your and no one wants to work today! You can have team lunches, slip into the board room and watch a movie over the projector, sit around chit chatting…oh! the options are never-ending. (I miss my old team)
  3. Social Media to the rescue!! Everyday there is something new you can waste your time on. There are the conventional options such as Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. The more upbeat options include Reddit, 9gag, Tinder etc. There is wordpress of course for those like me. Then there are just random things such as this, or this one or wait! what about this one!! you can always have this/this/this(for the desi in you) open ion your system and pretend you are reading something important! Like I said, there is something new everyday!
  4. Kindle : If you like reading novels and things, you can always have the kindle app on your system and buy books on Amazon and be lost inside the e-book. This may cause some harm to the eye though.
  5. Games : Are you telling me for real that you have no games on your phone?!? Well no worries, you can always fall back on the older options (it’s not like our parents never got bored and played random things), you can take print outs of crosswords or Sudokus and play away.
  6. Catch up :This is also a good time to catch up with some friends you never get time to call or text anymore! They are probably also looking for something to do on this long long day!
  7. If your boss cannot look at your system, then you can always do some online window shopping and add things to your wishlist, maybe even buy a couple of things (if it is the first Saturday of the month).

Ok that is all I can think of. I hope your day seems atleast a little shorter with so many things that can be done!! I gotta go do one of these now. Bai!




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