Small Decisions

If you guys know me even a little from all my previous posts, then you’ll know that I am a strong believer in the power of the universe, that everything happen for a reason and that the universe in its own way is always giving you signs.

Well, something happened today and I don’t want to say that it was a sign, it is just too sad to be one, but its something that hit me!

So it’s a normal day, I come to office, one of my colleagues tells me that the bus I normally come in has a mad driver. Curious, I go to her to ask her what she was talking about.

So, to be more clear, there is this bus – Canara, which I take everyday morning to get to office. Since I take it everyday, I know the driver and the conductor and which bus crosses our path when (from the other direction I mean). Since the bus gets very crowded in the morning, if it is empty, I sit in the seat opposite the driver(I have been told by AB not to sit here as it is highly prone to damage in case of accidents, I ignore him). Usually, in a place called Padubidri, the counterpart of my bus, the other Canara (blue one) crosses us, on its way to Mangalore. Today, for some reason, I was lost in my random thoughts since the time I sat in the bus. I suddenly snapped out of my thoughts, we had already crossed Padubidri and I was quite surprised at my lost-ness that I did not even notice that blue canara cross us (this is an important detail, read on, you’ll know why)

Back to the story, so she’s like you don’t know what happened? I said no. She goes on to explain to me that the blue canara met with an accident last night and 6 people were very seriously injured whereas 1 lost his life. Apparently the bus hit a lorry.

I tell this to AB, we talk about it, he tells me again that this is the reason he asks me not to sit in the opposite seat, I ignore him again. I tell him I do not know the exact details as to what happened and I couldn’t find it online either. He said he’ll try to see if there are any news articles and forward the same to me.

He does find it, he sends it to me, I read it, it has photos of the damaged bus, the place where I st (the opposite one) is completely crushed and while others escaped, albeit with extremely serious injuries, it was a man sitting in that very seat that lost his life, on the spot. When I saw the crushed bus, I stopped breathing, my heart skipped a beat and I kid you not, I could not focus on this around me for a second, all I could think of was that seat and all the arguments I had with AB about sitting there.

Such a small thing, don’t you think…Where to sit in a bus? This small puny decision could just change everything, effect not only you but the people closest to you, for no fault of yours!!!! I still can’t really understand what is this that I am feeling. I am really sorry for the loss, for the tragedy. I am scared for myself, I am not entirely sure why.  I just have a wide array of thoughts, random ones, abrupt endings to them, like this one.




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