Little Things

The smallest and the most random of things have the ability to make you smile even when you are feeling low about something. These little things go unnoticed almost always and we tend to take them for granted; we fail to truly appreciate these small things that can sometimes, just sometimes, make the world of a difference.

So this is me, taking my time to appreciate these small random things that make me happy. They may be things that I do, things that others do for me or just random situations; and when I say random, you know I mean RANDOM (if you have read my previous blogs, you’ll know what I mean)

Little things that make me smile:

  1. Rain : From the smell of the first rain, to the crazy thunderstorms, I love everything about it. The slight drizzle when I am driving around, that is the best. I can ride around forever and ever with that slight drizzle, the cold wind in my hair and earphone of course!! Just imagining this makes me smile. If someone ever asked me to go to my happy place, this is where I will go.
  2. Memories : I have this thing, which I am sure everyone’s got, where a random old memory suddenly pops up in your mind (out of no where I tell you!!) and there you are smiling like a bum by yourself looking like a mad buffoon to people around you! I live for these moments!
  3. My bus rides : I have mentioned this a lot of times before, I love my bus rides. There is nothing that being lost in your own thoughts, wind in your face, good music cannot fix. Also, I have my best naps in the bus! The best I tell you! Even with the crazy honking(almost always), the bad roads (in places), the crowd (in the mornings mostly), I still manage to doze off and wake up feeling so fucking refreshed! My body has now got so used to it that on few days, I can barely stay awake to pay the conductor, I sit in the bus and bam! I pass out!
  4. Cute guys : Yes Yes, I am madly in love with AB, but you can’t tell me that you don’t enjoy the occasional eye contact with the cute person, or better yet, catch them checking you out slightly (in a non-creepy way, ofcourse). I don’t get a lot of these, but on few days, when I am being my best, I do enjoy the little that comes my way.
  5. Old friends : It can be anything, bumping into them, getting a text message from them
  6. Photos : When the first photo you take of yourself, or someone else takes of you, comes out just perfect! This is also a rare for me! I usually need at least 5 of them to find the perfect one! Sometimes, when the odds are in my favor, it just takes 1!!
  7. Discounts : It is a universally accepted fact, there is nothing that can cheer you up like a discount can, but a discount on something cute or somethings that you had your eyes on, well that is just God’s way of telling you that he loves you!
  8. Home in the evening : It’s the evening, it was a hot and tiring day, you’ve been travelling in the hot sun, you are finally home…there are a few things that will immediately refresh you – washing your face and feet with cold water/cold shower, drinking some cold water, finally getting out of office clothes and into comfy home clothes and of course (for all the girls) getting rid of the bra!
  9. Hot n cold – That is the best combination for everything. Food, deserts are the few things that come to mind. The best by far has to be cold day/night and comfy warm clothes/blanky.


  1. Food : Food can make anyone happy. Yummy smelling food is the king of good things!
  2. Small animals & humans : Small things in general make you really happy, be it puppies, kittens, baby elephants, baby pandas or even a baby human! They are so stupidly cute & fluffy!!!
  3. Other things : Bubble wrap, unexpected gifts/flowers, overhearing people say good things about you, being able to truly help someone (even if it is in a small way), applying nail colour correctly in the first try (nailing anything in the first attempt I think), being able to make someone laugh…well the list does go on.

Well this is all I can think of right now. I am in office and was feelign really sleepy (I am not kidding you, I have almost fallen face first on my keyboard like 5 times), hence this list. The list is done, it has served its purpose of reminding me of the little things in life, reminding me that I am quite lucky indeed to have these things and most importantly, woke me up!!

Ok gotta go now. BYE!




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