1 year!

Well, I just celebrated my birthday a couple of days ago, you know what means right? Yeah, I’m no longer 24, no longer early 20s, I’ve hit mid 20s now. This also means that its been a year now since I started my blog. It was never started out as something that had to have a lot of views and followers, it still isn’t (I’m not bragging, I do not have a lot of views and followers, but that doesn’t make me sad). Only 1 person in my life knows about my blog. This was more of a way to pen down my feelings on some important things and most random day-to-day things. Like a diary/journal you could say. This is also something that I’ve stuck onto for the longest time (Surprisingly so). Never really thought I would have published close to a 100 posts. What took me more by surprise are the things I’ve learnt from this blogging thing, I did not think that would have been possible. What have I learnt you ask? I’ll tell you my friend (What was that? You did not ask me? You don’t really care? Well the jokes on you cause this is my blog and in my head you asked!) (hehehe…I’m also really funny in my head)



1 year of blogging (can I call it blogging? Do you have to be a professional to say that?)

  1. I like it! – Even though it started as a random experiment, trying my hand at something knew types, it ended up being a lot more than that! Albeit, I haven’t had a lot of posts recently, there was a time where I would have at least 2 everyday. It excites me, writing about things. I must admit, sometimes these topics come naturally, most of the them are things that are happening in my life, sometimes it takes a lot of effort and thinking to come up with something to write. One thing is common through out though, that is, once I start writing, things seem to come to me quite naturally. This being a very informal type thing, it does get a lot easier – I don’t have to worry about my grammar as much, I can use my slang words and curse words as when required.
  2. Writing – It has most definitely improved! I know cause I can now help AB with his content a lot easier as compared to how it would have been had I not started blogging. When I write now, I can immediately think of a better way to say something. I also randomly remember words and phrases, that i wouldn’t entirely know the meanings of, but then I google it and that way I learn something new.
  3. A hobby – I never really liked that question : What are your hobbies? I could never answer it or I would answer it with things like music, reading etc. I don’t think listening to songs counts a hobby. Reading does, but I stopped reading a long time ago (I am trying to pick it back up now, I think I’ve been quite successful), but now I can quite proudly add this blog as a hobby! It’s nice because it isn’t the conventional type. Something different!1-year-leanr1
  4. Way of expression – I am generally very bad at expressing negative emotions. The happy ones are easy, the negative ones – anger, disappointment, sadness etc are the difficult ones. I am the kind that keeps it in, bottles it all up until one day it explodes and kills everyone around it. This blog has been a platform for me to kind of get all those emotions out of me. I just right them all down, be as mean, as angry as possible, make that specific post private ofcourse. Keep it on for a few days and delete it once those feelings go away. I don’t like keeping the negative stuff on here for long, this is a happy blog.!
  5. Funny me! – I am quite sure that this is all in my head but I am quite funny man!

So this is it, these are the few things that I learnt/gained in this 1 year of blogging (again, am I allowed to say that!!?)






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