Meeting the Parents

Well, its finally happened! Me and AB have met each others parents. Our parents are yet to meet each other, but that’s OK, we’ll get there eventually.

So how did it happen? Let me tell you!

AB meeting my mom

They had already met and spoken to each other, they are in touch on whats app and stuff, bu this was the first official meet with lunch.

So my mom has reached a new level of chill with AB and me, like she’s completely accepted the fact that me and he are going to get married. So I also tell her whenever I go to meet AB. So it was a normal Sunday, I told mom I am going to meet AB cause he needed some help with the shop, she offered to come as well. I asked AB, he said “yeah, let her come”. So me and mom headed out in the morning to his shop, did the work, there was no much talking then. Once we finished the work, we went out for lunch. He being himself, went on and on talking about something or the other. I envy him when it comes to this, he can talk to anybody anywhere without any hesitation. So that went well!!! We had lunch, he paid, we left back home. It was a good day.

Me meeting AB’s parents

So this was a little more scary because they had never met me, his dad and me chat on Facebook and I’ve spoken to his mom a couple of times over the phone but that’s it. It was Holi and his dad had invited me, mom and granny to their place. Since it was the first time they were meeting me, both me and AB decided it was best for me to come alone and meet them and once we knew each other, our parents could meet. AB was supposed to leave early in the evening, I convinced him to stay because no way I would meet them alone, it was a scary thought!

So I went, they were really nice. His dad bought a cake for me because my HBDA is in a couple of days and also I had told him that I was born on Holi. That was really sweet of him!! We ate ice cream, I spoke to his mom, it was really nice and wasn’t really as awkward as I thought it would be. AB said he was leaving, so I left with him. His mom had packed food for me to take home.

All in all I think it went well, I hope they liked me.





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