Home away from home

Out of all the phases of my life, my HSR phase was by far the best. AB’s brother lives there now with his friends, so even though I don’t get to visit the place, I am happy cause someone I know lives there. Yesterday he told me that they were planning to move out and look for a bigger place. Now I can’t believe that house is not going to be ours anymore. There are strangers who will live there, all our furniture will be gone!

So today I am going to reminisce about my time there.

  1. The first time I went to HSR! I took a 201 from Indiranagar and got off and Madiwala instead of Silkboard. I took a rik to get to Silkboard which I realized after getting off was just like 200m away! Stupid me for taking the rik and that rik fellow also you see! He could have told me that it was right there! AB had borrowed Rohit’s bike and come to pick me up from there. Went to HSR, went to a temple, drove around, he showed me a couple of places he knew (He was also new there) ate lunch and left back. We had not found this room yet, we were still looking.
  2. We finally found this place, AB sent me the pics, I liked it, he did the formalities and it was finally time for me to move. Took a rik with my huge ass bag, met AB and took the first of many 4 floor climbs to our room. Little did we know that this would end up being so special to us. It would close to AB and a little far for me but AB had been is HSR since he came to Blore and had fallen in love with the place. He agreed to drop me everyday morning so I didn’t mind either.
  3. The room was empty when we got it. So as soon as we moved in, we went shopping for the basic things, bed, bathroom stuff, plates, water etc. For the first few weeks, we ate dinner outside. We would either go once AB got home from work, or he would get parcel on his way back. I would get back home by 7 and he by 7:30ish.
  4. I got the induction soon from home, so we started cooking at home. Dinner everyday and lunch as well on the weekends. It used to be lots of fun. Since I got home before AB, I would pick up groceries or sometimes ask AB to pick it up. We usually cooked together, except for some days where I would surprise him with yummy food ready when he got home. I loved doing that. We would cook special yum things together on the weekends for lunch.
  5. One of the best things about the house was the roof. We had an amazing view of the normal Blore houses to one side and army land on the other which meant there was a lot of trees (A rare sight in Bangalore). We spent a lot of time on the roof. We cooked food and ate on the roof, we drank there, we simply just sat and spoke there. Since out building was 4 floors, no one else wanted to climb all the way to come chill there so it was like our personal roof.img_20160813_103605482
  6. HSR had the best food places as well. We made sure we did something fun every weekend without fail. If nothing, we would at the least go out for dinner. From the fanciest of places to the not so fancy, we were everywhere. We had a list made when we moved with all the places we wanted to eat at and by the time we moved out the list was complete. We would add places to the list as and when we across new places (for this point, we means I)
  7. We had a gang set, me, AB, Rohit, Boppi and Niya. We met every weekend (Me, AB and Rohit met like 3-4 times a week). We’ve had the best of time, we went to places, we danced, we played, we sang, we ate, we went driving around. You name it and we did it. We got along really well, all of us, and there was just a lot of happiness and a lot of laughter.
  8. Me, AB and Rohit shared a lot of memories, more so than with the others. He stayed like 5 min away from us. I am not entirely sure if I can even begin to list down the things we all did together.
  9. I cannot make this list and not mention all the amazing moments I’ve had with AB in that house. We made it out own special cute home. We had the highs and the lows. We made amazing memories. I could go on and on. I had the best time with him, even better than living with him in Manipal and I can’t wait to be married to him and make a home again for the both of us.
  10. This list does not even begin to do justice to the connection I have with HSR and more specifically with – 4th floor, House no. 1542, 24th main, 5th Cross, Near Siddharta kalyan mantapa, next to the park!!!! It was a home made with lots of love and I can’t really believe that one place can hold such a special place in my life!


Before moving to Mangalore, AB took me to the room, one last time. One last time to relive all these amazing things that have happened there, one last time to soak in all those memories, one last to curse the 4 floors while climbing it, one last time on the roof, one last time together in our room..our home. I’ll really miss it, miss all of it!!!



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