Talking about nothing

I want to say that a lot has happened since the last post, but alas, life is normal on this end. It’s not been completely boring though, there have been mention-able things happening, like what you ask? Well then, here it goes

Mention-able things that have happened since the last post: (Such a captivating list, don’t you think?)

  1. Things with Me and AB are getting better each day and the fact that me and he might just end up together is becoming more of a reality with each passing day. He and my mom are whats apping and talking to each other. Me and his dad are chatting on FB messenger. Things are good.
  2. My brother left to Australia!! I couldn’t be happier for him! He wanted this real bad, a chance to finally do what he wanted to be, a chance to live on his own, away from home. I don’t think he is going to come back to India but that’s OK, as long as he is happy and doing what he loves.
  3. MY HBDA IS ANOTHER 20 DAYS AWAY!! I am going to turn 25! I don’t like it one bit! That also means that it has now been a year since I started being 24andhappy. I think I’ll stick to the name though however I might have to come up with another screen name for my other activities, would I ever need one and this one would have to be a generic one that can apply to me even when I am 80 years old. “Thehappysoul” comes to mind. I think I am going to create that blog name and keep for myself.
  4. Work has gotten a lot better. I made friends and am also getting work to do. It still doesn’t compare to what I had or what I was in MHB, but its OK. It is an improvement to how it used to be. It is keeping me busy enough to not have time to write here! I am still looking for a better opportunity though and the second I get what I am looking for I’ll move! I have something that might work out, let see.
  5. I read a couple of novels that were just fuck all amazing! The girl on the train, specifically, blew my mind!!
  6. I can now eat outside alone when I have to. OK! This is only if I have my ear phones or if I have novels on my book. Give me a break! I am still working on it!

Umm, that’s it for now I guess! I told you it wasn’t a lot and was only mention-able.




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