The Stall

Every year in Bangalore, there is a Nammurahabba (a fair) which is organised for the residents of coastal Karnataka, staying in Bangalore, and is of course open to all others as well. There are games, cultural activities, food and stalls set up, all of them having something or the other to do with the Karavali region.

AB had a stall there for his t-shirts and we (Me and Niya) had gone along to help. It was crazy but awesome fun at the same time. 3 days of non stop work, very little food and water and more than 500 items sold!!


Day 1: Abhay had reached the previous day, Me and Niya reached on 20th (Friday) morning. We reached the office where the stock was kept by 1:00 in the afternoon (armed with snacks and redbull), saw the venue – it wasnt ready yet but got a rough idea as to what was needed to be done. Came back to the office, ordered food for us and started keeping the T-shirts ready in bundles, making display units and other art work. This took till like 8 in the night, went to the venue again, work had started, waited for sometime, then me and Niya left back since there was nothing for us to do there. We got home and continued with more art work and the guys stayed till the banner and things were set up and left home.


Day 2: We were to reach the venue by 7:30 in the morning, which means I had to be up by 5:30 so both me and niya can get ready by 7:00 (Thank god for the morning walks, we got used to the early morning waking up). So once we got there, the guys (AB and his friend Gautham) came there with huge ass bags full of things that needed to be set up. It took us 3 hours I think to get the stall ready. We had a great response though and by the end of the day (12:00) we were practically dead. The guys decided to sleep in the stall as there was no way we could take everything and go back to the office and bring it again the next day. Me and Niya got home by 12:30 or so, ordered food, ate and passed out.


Day 3: Up again at 5:30, had to pack all our things, drop the bike (that i had borrowed) off in Manipal and take a cab from there. We got to the venue by 7:30 so that the guys can go and freshen up. Me and Niya were practically experts now, by the time the guys got back, around 2 hours later, we were all set and ready for service. For today, we had a proper plan, the guys would talk to the customers and we would take care of all back-end work. This actually worked great for us, we had a crazy response today (Sunday) and by noon all of us were dead but somehow managed to make it through the day. Me and Niya left by 9:30 as we had a bus to catch at 10:40, the guys managed the stall till 11:00.

It was a great exposure for AB and the crazy crowd showed him that he was on the right path. Everybody who came to our stall was just so happy, regardless of whether they bought something or not, they left with a smile on their faces!




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