Music and Rain

I am done with gym, AB drops me till the bus stand, I get a nice seat on the bus, which is relatively empty, I put on my ear phones, put on The Happy Playlist and get lost in my world, you know, the usual! So what happens is, the bus is generally empty, but after a specific stop, there is no one around me!

One day, after this stop, I had this sudden realization that there is no one around me! After looking around to make sure that there was absolutely no one, I kind of started singing along  and it felt amazing and I was suddenly taken back to this moment I had completely forgotten and did not even realize I missed until just now. What moment you ask?

Back in Bangalore, I used to love riding back home (and by home, I mean HSR) in the evening when it was raining. No I am not mad, I know how Bangalore gets when it rains! While most of the roads get blocked due to rain, the road that I used to take would get ridiculously empty (after a specific point); add to this the rain (Which I love anyway), ear phones and amazing music, it was the perfect time to be riding around. However there was another reason I loved times like these, see, as the roads were empty, I could sing my heart out and ride, there would be no one around me that could hear me! I used to live for these moments and  my brain had completely blocked this memory out until it happened on the bus that day! Oh what an amazing feeling it used to be! and although this bus thing can never replace it, it does come close, I can live with it!


Every afternoon, without fail, there is this small voice in my head that triesvery very hard to convince me to not go to gym in the eve, however, somehow (I really have no idea from where) I manage to gather all the will power to go cause once I start gymming, time flies. I just have to get through the afternoon. This new-found bus song singing thing is like an added motivation now as I definitely do not get this luxury if I take the bus in the evening (It is too crowded!)


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