Just around the corner

Everybody has their share of highs and lows, I guess it is most important to stay strong through the lows and enjoy the highs and remember that neither of them are going to last forever. It is important for everybody to be able to express sadness, embrace it, cry your eyes out! Laughter is just around the corner…

I thought for today, I would list down a few highs and lows that I can think of (it started out as a list of awkward things that have happened to me, however, I think my brain has blocked all of them out!) So presenting to you a new list by me

24 years of Lows:

  1. Me and my brother used to go to the same school close to home, however, once he finished school , my mom decided to change school for me (mainly to improve my English, trust me, I was horrible!). This is one of the earliest sad memories I have, leaving all my old friends and moving to this new school where everyone spoke English!!
  2. It is 10th std now, time for me to leave this school as well, leave friends again and become and adult!! Why God Why!!
  3. Finished 2 years of college, got horrible marks, and now I have to leave college as well and start taking life changing decisions. Why does this keep happening to me!
  4. Decided to leave science behind and chose BBM, which means, I had no one I knew in college and I was truly alone! I skipped so many lunches, sat in the chapel alone on my birthday, crying! (I went to a catholic run college, so we had a church of our own)
  5. AB breaking up with me, for a really lame reason, back then, I thought it was end of time!!
  6. One of my best friends decided to stop talking to me cause of this guy she was seeing
  7. 3 years of BBM was done too and as usual, it was time to leave again!!!
  8. One fine day, my mom deiced to ask me about me and AB and I don’t know why, I decide to tell her that we are going out! All hell broke loose! My mom lost her head, she was constantly crying, I was crying, I couldn’t wait to leave home and join MBA!!! It was a horrible couple month or so!!
  9. Body issues – this is something that makes me hit rock bottom and it does so every time without fail! It still does, not really sure if it will ever stop
  10. There are these random moments when I get this sudden home-sickness kinda feeling. It just hits me suddenly, out of no where, it makes me sad!
  11. 2 years of MBA is done – Surprise Surprise!!! Leave behind Manipal , leave behind AB for a very uncertain future
  12. My job is in Bangalore, which means I have to leave home, to a new city, with people I do not know! Had to live in a different city, 350 kms away!
  13. I had a good thing going in this new job, I had Saturdays off, had made good friends, was in the Corporate office. One day, my boss tells me I have to move to the unit office, no explanation as to why or anything. I was depressed for an entire month! Again, I did not know anyone there, had to work on Saturdays, had a dress code etc and more over, people move from unit to corporate and I felt I was being demoted for being bad at my job!!!
  14. There was this phase in my life, where things went horribly wrong with AB, we had fights every single days for the most random of reason. Everyday I got back home from office wondering what was in store for today. Things got so bad that we decided it was best that I moved out. I had to leave behind this house that we had made for ourselves that somehow in the last couple of months had turned so bitter and gloomy
  15. The fresh start felt like it helped, but it was short-lived, as we soon fell back into our old ways of fights all day long. It seemed like every time we spoke, we fought! We had both lost all the patience that we had. We decided to catch up at a friend’s place, the whole gang, thought it would be change of scene, but things got horrible there as well, and it was the straw for me!!! I broke up with him the next day and the couple of months that followed were horrible. There were a lot of phone calls ignored, a few that were answered was just him yelling and crying. He too decided to leave Bangalore, go back home and start a new chapter.
  16. Things in office weren’t looking good either..I had an ass of a boss who made me feel miserable and worthless in my life
  17. Mom went through a phase of sickness, she had a skin allergy outbreak, she fractured her leg and had a back injury!! Brother was frustrated with his own life which meant that he and mom had constant arguments and he was just being plain mean to my mom. Me being in Bangalore, there was no one at home to diffuse this situation and mommy (who I love more than anything in the world) was helpless at home
  18. I had enough of my ass of a boss, plus things at home were bad, I decided to take up on an earlier offer of moving to Managlore. This however, turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected! I was fine with the wait, but what bothered me was the unclear waiting time! No one was ready to tell me what was happening and one fine day I lost my head! I did not sleep, I stay awake the whole night dreading having to go to office, decided that enough was enough! I approached the Head HR, which was a shock for the ass of a boss!! I will never forget that night, I was angry, sad, scared..every emotion possible! That night, I did not care what happened, I just wanted what I wanted.
  19.  It was time to leave again, as much as I wanted to be home, It sucked having to leave Bangalore. Leave my friends, leave my freedom, leave my independence, leave this city behind.


Now it is time for the Highs:

  1. Old school – I was the King here, we had our gang, we spoke in the local language, played around, fell like a million times, had like 5 million sleepovers. It is that school where all the teachers know you because your elder brother is in the same school your mom and your granny went to the same school!
  2. New school – I made so many friends, I found very important people in my life, I know English now. I had the best time!! I can’t believe I was ever sad about changing schools!
  3. The same gang from this new school came to college! It was the same people but double the fun!!
  4. Had my first boyfriends, had my first break up and this guy that thought was just amazing, the kind that would never fall for me, asked me out! I was on Could #9!! (this was AB by the way!)
  5. It was in BBM, when there was no one who knew me around, I realized that I can be any one I want to be!! There was no one who knew the old me! I decided to become this new person! I became talkative, made new friends (who are still good friends!), the one that has a lot of fun in college, the one that does good in exams as well, the all rounder kinds (well, except for Sports of course!!)
  6. Got into MBA in Manipal and better yet, AB got in too!! I got to stay away from home but not too far away from home. I had the best of both worlds! I sat in class with AB, roamed around with him!! This was also the start of our random long rides together!
  7. Second Year of MBA, I had a place for my self with Abhay! I learnt how to cook, we had endless memories, endless moments! I also got my bikey baby this year!
  8. This company that I was eyeing, hired me!!! It was a decent pay as well!! I was the first one from my batch to be hired! and the only one to be shortlisted in all the interviews I sat for!
  9. Moved to Bangalore! Did so many things on my own that I am extremely proud of! Abhay also came to Bangalore shortly!
  10. We found a really nice cute place for ourselves in HSR, little did we know we would get so attached to this house! It was our home away from home! It was empty we got rented it, soon filled it small cute things. The best memories so far have been in HSR!
  11. Transferring from MHE to MHB, looking back at it, was the best thing that could have ever happened! I learnt so much! Met so many people! I look back at nothing but good memories and I made friends for life there!
  12. When things started getting better with Me and Abhay, and have only been going up since then! We seemed to have found the old us again, the happy us, the cute us, the us with nothing but love for each other!
  13. Moved out of HSR into Wind tunnel road with a colleague of mine, dint really know her that well, but I had no other option! Turned out to be soo much fun! So much laughter, so many random stupid things done together, so many movies watched. I really miss her! Made new young friends in MHB becasue of her!
  14. Mom asked about Abhay again, but this time, things were a lot better! She accepted him and is 50% fine with us getting married!
  15. When pretty clothes fit me!! Although these are rare moments, the happiness from them lasts for so long!
  16. Moving back home, spending more time at home, spending time with mom…I have no words to describe the feeling
  17. Being able to save and buying pretty  things for the people you love!

I am really sorry for the really long post but I kind of wanted to point out that ever part of my life that I though was going to be alow point, ended up being a high point anyway! I was sad to leave all the places that I had come to, all this while, I was leaving to a better place! Everytime I thought that this is the best thing that could happen to me, life surprised with something better! Nothing that is sad lasts forever, everything that is happy will come to an end. It ok to be sad, but just remember, laughter is just around the corner





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