Date With Mommy

I had an unexpectedly fun weekend! It was all planned, give a couple of clothes for stitching in the morning, head to the parlour,  get my mom to oil my hair (She empties like a bottle of oil even though I tell her put as little as she can), put this thing of my face to remove all the tan of the week, while it dries- keep my clothes in order, iron my clothes for the next week, clean my room!, then had a long happy shower!!Post this was lunch, followed by a short nap after which I was supposed to go to Mangalore with my bestie for her show shopping and for me to get my bike’s emission done (read here).

Everything went as per plan until my bestie decided to disappear from the face of this plant and ignore my calls and texts!! I had to go get the emission test done as Sunday is the only day I have for these things, so decided to get it done anyway, mom said she wanted to come along as she had never really gone that far on my bike. So we set out on our small trip, the first place said they were closed for the day, went further to get it done. That got done and on the way back, we took a detour and went to TannirBavi (it’s a beach, a really pretty one!!)  Walked on the sand, clicked photos, ate yummy food and then it was time to leave.


It was not as planned but was still lots of fun and I think I would have kind of preferred this over my original plan anyway!!!

It was a fun date with my mommy 🙂 🙂




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