Broken Time

It is believed that Sunday is the day when time flies and Monday morning is when time stops, I have a different theory though, a theory that applies to only a few like me, the ones who have work, full day that too, on Saturday. You have not witnessed time stop until you have lived through a Saturday afternoon at work my friend. I got to office at 9:00 AM and I kid you not, it has definitely been more than 10 hours since I am here, it is just 2:30 PM, something has to be wrong here!!! This happens every week without fail, time was working fine till around 12ish, after that it is just stopped working and only those who are in office notice this, the others who are chilling over the weekend don’t seem to notice.

Time has broken down, someone needs to fix it! I know just the one the man for the job, call Mr. Sunday, tell him its an emergency, he needs to be here ASAP!!!!!!!! Lives are at stake!

To those who have to work on Sundays or to those who work all week/month/year long, I would like to Salute you!




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