The Police Story

It was a normal everyday morning, I woke up at 5:30, picked my bestie up and went to the beach for a walk. On my way back, I saw that there were cops checking for vehicle papers but they din’t stop me as they were on the other side of the road.

I got dressed up and it was time to leave, the cops were still there and now that i was on their side of the road, they stopped me, I knew I was doomed! I had my license and my registration, did not have emission or insurance and as luck would have it, the inspector himself had come for checking, so there was no getting away. He asked me pay a fine of 500 Rs, which I most certainly did not have!! Luckily, he was being nice and gave me an option to show my insurance in the evening, however, for this he would keep my RC with him and would return it only if I had my insurance papers. I agreed to this…

I kept getting mails that my existing insurance has expired and I could renew it, me, the smarty that I am, deleted all these mails. I got to office and started hunting through the junk folder for the mail, found it and realized that I need the existing policy number in order to renew it, which I did not have with me!

I thought chuck it! I’ll just buy new insurance, after filling out half the details, it asked me for my Engine no. and Chassis no. (I have no ides what these are!). I called someone who would know and he said that I could get these details in my RC (Guess where my RC is!)

As a last resort, I thought I would call customer care, they should have my existing policy number so I can just renew it or they would at least give me my engine and chassis no as I would have filled these out when I bought the policy to begin with (Surely they would understand me situation if I explained it to them!!) Luckily, the guy gave me my existing policy number (after trying out their number like 5 times and waiting for almost half an hour) and  I went on to renew it and got a print out of it to show the cop in the evening.

It is evening now and I had to go to the station. I had never seen the inside of a police station, so I was quite looking forward to go. I went it, went to the first cop I saw and explained the situation to them, they directed me to the inspectors cabin. He was actually sweet and gave me back my RC after talking to me for sometime!

Today morning they were there again, however, one of the cops recognized me from yesterday and let me go! 🙂




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