Diwali Memories

It is that time of the year again!! It is time for celebration, for happiness…It is the festival of lights! yes of course! It is time for Diwali or Deepawali as we say it here!

There is not a single person in the entire of India, regardless of religion, age, caste etc who would not have good memories associated with this festival! (I may very well be wrong!!what do I know?!) and nothing makes these memories come more alive than listing them out on a boring day at work! (This can’t be just me!!)

Fun Diwali/Deepawali memories:

  1. Diwali automatically falls on school vacations after the mid-term exams! So for most people, Diwali meant going to your  grandparents place or respective native places. For me, every Diwali was a visit to Gulbarga (A place in north Karnataka, my dads parents lived there). So it was always me, my brother, my one and only cousin brother(who would come from Bombay; Yes I refuse to call it Mumbai, it is forever Bombay) and some adult or the other. So every Diwali night, we had a shower (forced to have might be more like it), help my granny light the diyas (that was just me I think, the guys were the least interested) and then the crackers!!!!! OH the crackers! We used to get those big boxes which had everything! We broke a lot of things around the house with our horribly aimed rockets!! Once my grand dad passed away, my granny moved and that was the last of Diwali in Gulbarga!
  2. Diwali was then spent at home, it was the same excitement though!! I used to help my granny (moms mom this time) draw her rangoli in front of the house and colour it, this was followed by the dreaded bath (Funny how this never changed, regardless of the location or time), then the pretty diyas (this is till date my favorite thing to do) and then the crackers!! This time it was me, my brother, mommy, granny and a couple of my neighbors!!! Oh and how can I forget those gun thingis! I don’t know what they are called or even how to explain it, but if you are Indian then you already know what I am talking about!
  3. The sweets! I almost forgot the sweets, both, the giving and the receiving! The fridge would be full of sweets we got from various people, some got dry fruits and some topped the list with Chocolates!! There was also lots of sweets that we bought and packed at home (this was always fun!), I also got to go with mom to meet these people and give sweets to them! It was just a happy time in general!
  4. Once we got older, the whole celebration died down, for 5 years after school, I don’t think we did much, until MBA! This was the second year when we had a place for ourselves, we bought diyas and crackers and sweets!! This was also my first Diwali with AB (My 7th year being with him, but never really got a chance to celebrate Diwali together!)
  5. Diwali was both fun and very very annoying in Bangalore. Fun because there were so many people around, all buzzing with happiness and it was just a pretty sight! There were lights everywhere and pretty crackers! The sky would just light up! The annoying part was the loud crackers, the bombs! they would just go off continuously from all sides and it would get so loud that you couldn’t even hear yourself think! Even though I lived with AB for one of the Diwalis, we both had to be home for the festival and did not get to spend it together. I did come home and light diyas at home!!img_20151112_194530843

This time I will either celebrate at home, or if there are those pretty flying lantern events in Manipal , then I’ll get my mom to it. At home, it is going to be the same, the lights and maybe some crackers!

To all those who are here till the very end! Happy a happy and a safe Diwali!!!






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