The Open Letter

Open letter is all the rage right now! Every other person seems to be writing open letters to every other person. From us commoners writing open letters to the presidents, prime ministers, celebrities to these celebrities writing open letters to their daughters…everyone’s riding on the open letter wave!

Does it really make any difference to anyone? Do these political figures in power really read these open letters intended at them and take any action?? Why can’t these celebrities directly talk to their daughters? Why an open letter? Do they really mean those things said in it or is it just a publicity stunt? For those wanting to stay away from the public eye and wanting to keep their private lives private, you are definitely going through a lot of trouble to make this thing private moment between you and your daughter/grand-daughter public!

I fail to understand the point of it! If it does really help someone somewhere, then I am glad, I look forward to reading such an example, where an open letter has made a difference, even if a small one, is someones life! However, I don’t think I’ll come across any such examples in the near future. This however applies to us commoners who write to those in power! It seems like it is only option we have to reach out to them! So until there is a better and an effective way to reach out these people (writing actual letters does not count as they might just directly hit the bottom of their dustbins), let the open letters pour in!


However, these celebrities writing open letters to their loved ones pouring out their feelings needs to stop! Write a private letter to them if you have so much to say that it is difficult to sit down with them! If the objective behind making these letters open is to change the outlook or perspective of us commoners, then I am sorry! there are 5 million better ways for you to do that!

An open letter is just a safe way, just a way for you to tell yourself that you are doing your part in spreading the right message, and let me tell you my friend, you are fooling yourself! we can see right through you!

*This blog took a completely different direction! Didn’t really have a direction when I started it out, but this definately was not it!!*




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