Part time job

I have a the normal everyday 9 to 5 job and I am quite happy about it, i am not one of those people that wants to do something on their own, be their own boss and stuff, I have no issues with a boring day job, as long as I am being paid decently well for it. As of right now, I have one!

In one of my previous blogs, I spoke about someone very dear to me, who was out doing something on his own. Well he is doing quite well and is now planning on expanding and is looking for an office space. He found a place he liked, but it is completely empty, leaving our imaginations running wild!


I have been appointed as interior designer (I appointed myself OK?? who is to stop me?)for this office space! I keep googling random arrangement of words such as “diy”, “Small office space”, “home decor” etc etc in search of ideas or some sort of inspiration. I have had some good ideas, although the whole thing is still in planning phase! This is how I have been keeping my self busy at office (this and blogging ofcourse!)




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