Update time!

These days I keep writing about serious topics, I don’t like it one bit!! It is very – “not me”!!

So here is a small update as to what I have been up to :

Goal: Healthy living is still going on! (I’ve lost 2kgs in the last week, so yaay!!) I don’t remember the last time I ate chips!I am all about the healthy stuff now!!(I am most honestly and truly surprised too!!) Through out the day, I keep thinking of missing gym for the day, but once I get there and start working out, within no time it is time to leave (don’t get me wrong though, I die like 500 times in the 1 hour that I am there)

I have new pretty office clothes, I have nice hair now, I have managed to not get tanned (Ok, that is a lie!)..so all in all, I am quite happy with myself.

The pretty posters in my room have all fallen off!!! That needs to go up again. Out oft he 2 lights that I had on the wall, my very kind cat family (mother, father, son and daughter…yes i have the whole family at home) ate the wires of one of them, so I need to buy a new one and put that up as well. My room plan is falling behind schedule! The prisma photos are still to be done. I had some sudden financial commitments that came up!

Things with AB have been great!! I have so much to tell!! I am going to save that for the next blog!

Tomorrow I am going get my hair coloured at home!! I have no ides how to do it, my mommy is going to do it for me :):)!! So i am really really really looking forward for that!!

Well, this is me so far, I’ll let you  guys know how the hair thing turns out tomorrow:)





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