Ab + Me <3 (that's a heart btw)

So, my mom had been asking me for sometime now what my marriage plan was and that I need to tell her about Ab; she also told me that me and he could go ahead only if our Jataka (astrology stuff) matches. This was quite some time back, when I was still in Bangalore, so I didn’t really take it that seriously.Since then, she has been quite curious about what he is up to, how his business is doing etc etc.

I must admit, things weren’t really going good between me and him back then and I kept telling her to wait. Now things are a lot better!! Now that I am home, the same topic was picked up again and this time I told her that I would like to go ahead with it! She asked for his Jataka, we went to 2 different astrologers. The first one, said we were just missing a point, but it could be ignored since we know each other for so long! the second one said that we were the perfect match and just as per our stars you could say, we can blindly get married!

So my mom is 50% convinced, the other 50% depends on how his business goes, which I agree with as well!

My mom came to know about AB 4 years back, so she’s kind of had time to be in peace with it! AB’s is a different case altogether where his parents do not know at all! Now its all up to him, he has to convince his parents and moreover, he has to make his business work!!

As of now, things are looking good for us! I hope everything falls into place and things work out for us!

All this while, whenever I prayed, I always prayed for us to be happy, regardless of what that meant for us, but these days, I find myself praying for us to be together. I have always been a very universe oriented person, I believe that for everything that I do or anything that happens to me is a sign from the universe for something…Lets see what it has in store for us!




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