Confidence within insecurities

It can do a for you…having confidence. However, everyone (that I know of), including me battles with low self-confidence now and then.

What gives you this confidence? Maybe it is your educational qualification, your knowledge, your connections, your looks, your charm, your style, your clothes, your social status, your physique, your job, your family background…well you get what I mean.

I hardly doubt there is anyone who has everything they want or are the best at everything, there is always someone better at something, there is always something you wished you had! This is where the lack of self-confidence slowly creeps in, without you even knowing!

The real difference is how you choose to handle this. different people face this in different ways, there are few who take it as a challenge and work towards overcoming this, there are few who enter a self-pity stage!!

What do I do? Well, I am sometime here, sometimes there! It takes a lot of strength to work on these insecurities! Someones insecurity might seem really stupid to others, but only that person knows how much this affects them! A poor person, for example, might not really understand why the rich person says he has problems! I mean, you have got to be kidding me right, I die here everyday to provide the basic minimal requirement to my family, and there you are in your fancy house, with your fancy life, you have no right to complain!

It seems legit right?? Although the rich guy does seem to have it better, only he knows the problems that comes with his life, the ones that the poor guy does not face!

I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t look down on other people’s insecurities!

Coming back to me, my biggest insecurity is with my body. I am on the heavier side and it kills me every time I think of it. I did decide to take the high road and work towards it, I joined a gym, I go for walks and everything. Recently, I checked my weight and it was the same! This is when I went into self-pity. It was horrible, I was almost in tears,  was angry – at myself, at the universe, at everything. It was really loud inside my head, lots of screaming, god knows at what! I have always had body image issues, for as long as I can remember. Don’t get me wrong, on most days, I am quit happy with myself, but then I see clothes that would never fit me, clothes that I cannot wear or these really pretty girls looking just perfect and I completely lose it!

I am not really sure that the point of this blog is, I guess I just wanted to express my feelings and hope that one day I overcome this!!




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