Poster my wall! 

It was a boring lazy day at work as always and I had managed to somehow make it to lunch without falling asleep.  Lunch was done,  I had a little more energy than I did in the morning,  but that’s just because I had another half an hour left before I had to start working again and I usually spend this half an hour openly doing random things on the Internet (other times I do it with my ninja skills and hide it quite well)

So as I was googling away to glory,  I remembered that I had saved a couple of things on Facebook to get printed for my room.  This was the start of something fun cause for the rest of the day,  I did no work!  I Googled lots of fun cute posters to get printed,  so I can stick them on one of my walls.

Well,  what do you think!!


I just have one last plan pending.  That is a little expensive,  so I am going to wait on that!!




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