Healthy living

One of my promises to myself once I moved back home was to start exercising. This promise was to be carried out in 2 ways,  one by going for walks early morning in the beach with Niya and the second by joining a gym.

The early morning walks have already started (with lots of difficult first,  I must admit)  but the gym was yet to start as I was figuring out what time to go and where to go.  There is a sports Centre in Manipal for students and employees with a fancy gym for like 700rs per month, the only downside being that I will have to go after work and carry around a seperate bag for my gym stuff.

After looking around a lot,  I came to a conclusion that Manipal was the best and the cheapest option.  I hand to wait for my new ID card to arrive so I could apply.

I made the payment and everything and today is the day I am going to join!!

I think this time I will stick to it and hopefully be happier and healthier 3 months down the line,  in time for new years maybe?




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