Early morning mixup

As I told you guys,  I go for early morning walks in the beach with niya. I wake up by 5:30am and she’s up by 5:45 am.  I get ready,  pick her up and go to the beach by 6:00am. Basically,  my Bikey baby plays an important role in these morning walks.

We had stopped the morning walks for a couple of days cause I got my hair smoothened and for 3 days I am not to get it wet or tie it.  Just before getting my hair done, I had also kept my Bikey baby for servicing.

Today,  my 3 days are over,  I can do whatever I want with my hair. Naturally,  I texted Niya yesterday that we would start our walks today onwards.

It is 5:30am and I am up as always,  5:45 and Niya texts me that she’s up as well.  Got ready a little earlier,  texted, Niya that I was leaving. I was trying to look for my keys and remembered that they were in the other bag,  was trying to figure out why in the world where my keys in the other bag!! Then it hit me!!!  I don’t  even have my Bikey baby with me, it’s still not come back from servicing, called Niya and once she was done saluting my smartness,  decided to go back to sleep!!

It is 6:15 now and here I am wide awake wasting away my sleep time!! Stupid me!



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