1 month! 

It’s been a month since I moved! 

How does it feel? I have mixed emotions… While I am extremely happy to be back home and do fun things here,  be able to save,  eat good Food,  I miss my team back in Bangalore. People here are nice too,  but they are a little quiet.  Back in Bangalore, my office was madness, lots of employees used to keep coming in for their queries,  we used to keep making fun of each other and laughing.  It is there here as well,  just in a lower level and moreover I am still new,  so I am just a silent spectator through the whole thing,  unlike in Bangalore, where I was definitely in the centre!! 

Don’t get me wrong though, given a chance I will still choose to stay here!! 

Things I have done since I moved back home :

  1. Decorated my room with lights,  photos and posters
  2. Finally kept my bike for proper servicing 
  3. Reduced the quantity of junk food being eaten 
  4. Started carrying home food for lunch
  5. Started going for early morning walks and gym in the evening 
  6. Started helping out at home with whatever I can
  7. Spend time with mommy,  I have dinner with her everyday and also 2 weekends are reserved for her
  8. Spend with with Niya,  2 weekends be with her
  9. Spend time with AB, I meet Tim every evening 
  10. Continued to practice driving with mom
  11. Watching TV!! 
  12. Started traveling by bus again 
  13. Hoping to have lost some weight 
  14. Got my hair smoothened 
  15. Bought a new phone! 
  16. Got back to online shopping (now that I can manage to save some money) 
  17. Starting waking up early and going to bed early 
  18. Watched movies for so much less money 
  19. Went on random Mangalore rides with Niya
  20. Keep going and coming back form. Manipal with AB on his bike!! 

Well,  these are all the things that I can think of for now! 




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