Old Mails…

I was bored at work and decided to open my old Yahoo Mail and look through old mails, you know, back when I did not have a cell phone and even if we did, we had no Whats app to constantly exchange random pieces of information. You can learn a lot about yourself when you see your old mails (all these mails were around 2008, so I was 16 yrs old, just out of school). I had a Rediff mail before, but for the life of me, cannot figure out the password for that one!!

So back to the topic, you can learn a lot from those mails, and here are a couple of things I learnt :

  1. I was horrible at writing mails, or maybe just writing in general!! There were more punctuation marks than there were words!!
  2. Grammar was not even a thing! There was no caps, no full stops…just one long ass sentence with the 5 million punctuation marks as mentioned above
  3. I learnt to not take Internet for granted! Back then, we had no internet at home for online chatting and hence had to fix a date and time over mails and then go sit in the cyber for an hour and chat with people (I actually miss Yahoo Messenger!)
  4. Everybody I knew (also other 16 years olds) had stupid names for their email ID. It must have been cool back then!
  5. I have the same friends!!! Some I stopped talking to; some I stopped and started again, but all in all, the same group.
  6. The basic concept of the issues faced (expressed in these long mails) seem to have stayed the same, although the issues along with us have grown up!
  7. It is always fun to look back on old mails, photos, discussions…it makes you smile, mostly at your own stupidity, but it makes you smile
  8. Lucky are those few, who are still with the friends that you shared these old memories with. It makes the whole thing better and you are happy that you were not stupid alone.
  9. If this does not make you want to reconnect with that long-lost friend, I do not know what will!!capture

This is me being overly excited (you see what I meant by more punctuation marks than words), also wtf is ‘nd’, how much time could I have possibly saved by not typing an additional ‘a’?? Whatever milli- second I did save, I spent on the question marks!!

10. Lastly, well I do not have point yet, but did not want to end it at 9, so, lastly, enjoy the little things in life and stop wanting to grow up!!!!!




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