Life lessons

I remember on an episode of “Modern Family” in which Haley is off to college and Phil gives her a book of Phlisophicals, it is one of my favorite episodes till date!! Today during lunch I read this Article on Scoop Whoop, which was on the same lines as the episode – Life lessons. It was really nice, so I started to think about what would I add in my life lessons list. Well, the list started out really slow and within no time I got to 60 and then I had to stop!!! So here they are :

60 Life lesson by me: (its a little long, I know…Sorry!)

  1. Learn to be by yourself – To eat by yourself
  2. Learn to cook at least 1 decent meal
  3. Always keep space for deserts
  4. There is only 1 way to smile – A genuine full-hearted one. There should be no other way.
  5. Forgive people. Don’t forget, but forgive
  6. Never let go of an opportunity to go to the beach, and when you do go, always get into the water
  7. Have a small set of friends that will always be there for you, the ones you can trust with your life
  8. Never stop yourself from laughing and have an open laugh
  9. Take the stairs!!
  10. Don’t be late
  11. Don’t be too quick to judge people, they are the way they are for a reason
  12. Grow up, not old
  13. Trust your gut
  14. Don’t hold grudges and burn bridges
  15. Mom will always be on your side
  16. It is OK to spend money on your  family, food and a good time with your friends once a while
  17. Pay attention in school
  18. Don’t get too carried away with trying to be cool
  19. Always hold the door open for the person behind you
  20. Be polite to the ones who are serving you food
  21. Thank the bus\cab\rickshaw driver
  22. Always make the new person feel welcome and eat with him/her if she is alone
  23. Dance! Sing! Make a fool of yourself once a while
  24. When it comes to true friends and love – don’t hold back
  25. Don’t be afraid, what’s the worse that can happen??
  26. Take a chance!
  27. Don’t stress over things – just give your best every single time
  28. You are either in or your out, there is no in between
  29. Don’t take life too seriously, it’s OK to have a couple of failures
  30. If you want to do something, do it!
  31. You don’t need the entire world, you just want that one person on your side, focus on him/her
  32. Just because you are right, does not make the other person wrong
  33. Be funny! Make people laugh
  34. Be humble
  35. Make a good first impression
  36. Be a team player, do not throw people under the bus!
  37. Make memories. Save things that remind you of your firsts
  38. Be kind, even to strangers. Also to animals
  39. Be a good role model
  40. Drink lots of water and Exercise!
  41. Find something that makes you  happy
  42. Don’t lose your cool, it’s not worth it. But if you have to fight, then FIGHT! (also learn how to throw a couple of punches)
  43. Read the news – you need to know what is happening around you
  44. Trust your parents, they have been through the same crap
  45. Stand up for what you believe in
  46. Do not drink lots of water or eat lots of food before travelling
  47. Do not try new things on important days
  48. Dress for the occasion. Always!
  49. Spend your birthday at home
  50. Don’t cancel plans over text messages and not at the last-minute if you can help it
  51. Keep secrets that have been told to you
  52. Compliment people
  53. If you are wrong, admit it. Apologize – it is never too late
  54. Sometimes life sucks, learn to deal with it
  55. Simple things never go out of fashion
  56. Learn to respect – Your parents, Women, your country, your elders, people with more experience than you. Just everybody in general
  57. Don’t force anyone to do something they do not want to do
  58. Learn to laugh at yourself
  59. Do not use your phone when you are hanging out in a group
  60. Do not make fun of people’s insecurities. If you have, and its hurt them. Don’t be an ass, go and genuinely apologize.

Well, these were it! Hope they make sense. I would like to believe that these things might not make you the most successful, but it will definitely make you a decent person with a happy life. OK gotta go now.




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