Random things about me :)

Well, I would like to think that people other than AB visit my blog and like what I write (50% of my views come from him, I am sure). I am getting really bored at work, so thought I would write a quick blog and hopefully time will fly (cause they say time flies when you are doing fun things!). I am not in the mood for deep meaningful blogs, thought I would write some random things about me so those non-AB visitors know me a little better and who knows maybe there will be a couple of things that even AB wouldn’t know a couple of these things. Let’s start, shall we??

Random things about me:

  1. I like funny, cute things
  2. I used to have this weird thing that if I laugh a lot, I used to get crazy hiccups (this made it horrible to laugh in school during class!! This has now stopped!!)
  3. I can crack my knuckles continuously for the longest time, I am not kidding you!
  4. I have a permanent bump on my forehead from falling like 5 million times when I was a kid (for an extremely in-active child that I was, this is really surprising!!!)
  5. As a child I went through brief phases of wanting to be a Doctor, a bus conductor, a shop keeper, a chef – I am none of these right now
  6. I had this weird habit (like everything else about me) of holding the pencil right at the tip while writing, which meant that my hand would cover the page from a normal distance, hence, I used to keep face like this close to the book while writing (you can’t see me right now, but the gap between my thumb and my index finger is really small!!). Anyway, because of this, I had to wear glasses. I loved wearing them, my mom hated them. I got lasik done, now I have perfect vision
  7. I like writing. I don’t mean creative stuff, just plain old writing!! I have not started to like typing as well
  8. I am not the popular one, dramatic one, pretty one or the one everyone wants to be friends with, however, I always ended up being friends with the above kind
  9. I like signing on things. I can use up an entire book just by repeatedly signing on the pages. I have a very scribbly sign that no one would every understand, I like it that way
  10. I love long hot showers, hate hot food/water/weather, basically everything else hot, except for my hot showers and hot guys ofcourse!! 😉

well, I guess thats all the random small things I can think of to tell you guys!! Almost an hour has passed by since I started this blog, so I need to get back to work for another hour and I can go home after that!





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