Home Improvement – Phase 3


I got the photos done!! Yaay!! and it wasn’t even as expensive as I thought it would be. Got it done in Manipal over the weekend (which by the way, was amazing..story for another blog) and I can’t wait to go home so i can hang it up!!! I am so excited!!!

You can expect Photos shortly (and by that I mean as soon as i step into my room in the evening)

It is the 26th of the month and I just found out that there is a gym close to home that opens really early in the morning and it is affordable, I am yet to get check it out (Maybe today or tomorrow) and my October 1st plan should be right on track, so that is what is up with the Self Improvement chapter…

What else? I’m in office right now, just got done with lunch which was is an epic story by itself! Here’s what happened:

I had to meet AB for lunch today since I hadn’t gone home for the weekend. We decided to go to Sindhi mess, which is just too yum!! The last time we went to Sindhi mess, I tripped near the gate and fell, which after AB very sweetly helped me up, has not stopped making fun of. So obviously, as I enter the gate, I am extremely careful not to fall; AB is telling me how hungry he is and how he can’t wait to eat, before he even finished his sentence, it happened again!! I tripped and luckily held onto AB, but my chappal broke!! So from the gate, we had to go back to get it fixed and come back!! It was back to AB making fun of me!!! I think this is payback for all the times I made fun of my friend( she falls everywhere!!!). KARMA IS A BITCH THEY SAY

Well, that is for now. Once I’m home, I will share photos.

P.S : I brought 5 million things for the weekend which I now have to take back. The difference?? It was on AB’s bike when I came, it is on a bus now. Please stay tuned for some more nonsensical stories, rest assured, there are going to be some!!




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