Happy Birthday Babe!

Hi babe,

This blog today (like quite a few others)  is dedicated to you on your special day…

This is the 10th birthday since we became friends and the 8th birthday since we are together and on all these amazing birthdays,  I tried to do something nice for you.  Except for last year,  I am going to make up for it this time,  I promise!!

This is going to be your last birthday with me this way,  by next year this time we will either be about to get married,  already married or God knows where,  so let’s make it a point to make sure that this is going to be your best birthday yet!!

I have most of my best days with you and a lot of my not so best as well and even after all this,  you must be mad to still want to be with me.

I still remember looking at you back in school and wondering if this cute guy will ever talk to me,  let alone be best friends with me never thought you would be with me! Times have surely changed haven’t they babe!?

It sucks that we are growing up, but babe you are among the few that still makes me feel like a child!! You have this amazing thing about you that can just make anyone laugh out loud and forget their problems,  never lose that babe!!
Sitting in the same bench, walking back from tuition, going to Mangalore to fill out college applications,  you coming to Aloysius to meet all of us,  waiting for me in court road,  missing  5 million buses in search of that one perfect bus,  empire mall everyday,  meeting every Sunday instead of coaching classes,  attending fests,  meeting your friends,  meeting my friends, sitting in class together,  studying in the library together,  sneaking into your house,  living in the same building,  living in the same room,  moving to a new city,  making a cute home for ourselves and now on the verge of stepping into a whole new journey…
Babe,  whenever I think of you,  regardless of what happens with us,  I will always think of these amazing moments that you’ve given me and all the laughter,  blushes,  the 5 million butterflies in my stomach and the goosebumps that you’ve given me over the years are going to fill me with nothing but happiness and warmth…

Thank you for everything… Thank you for being you… Amazing wonderful you!!

Happy birthday babe :* :*




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