Home improvement – Phase 2

I guess you could categorize this into self-improvement, but I already started the Home Improvement series and I want to continue with it, I will add something relevant to the name in the end,OK?? Happy!! God!! (Who am I saying this to?? Myself, my mind was arguing with itself, it is really difficult at times!!)

So, self-improvement you ask?? Whatever so do you mean you crazy author, you already seem so amazing!! I had planned to join the gym once I’m home so i could get into shape (something that resembles it will also do!! goals!!). I already got the form done and signed and everything, only the payment and buying of required things (shoes and sports clothes) is pending which I plan to finish soon so I can join by 1st October!!

I am simultaneously working on getting the photos ready to hang in my room (read here). It is taking longer than expected as I am not able to find a place that will print them the I want. Thinking of possible alternatives, lets see where it goes..

Well this is all for now. BYE!!


One thought on “Home improvement – Phase 2

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