Home improvement (phase 1)

So as all of you know,  I moved back home.  I finally have a room for myself!! I also have lots of plans to make the room really pretty, like how I always do.  This time however,  I have accepted the fact that I sick at arts and crafts and will stick to store-bought things!!

Just so you guys know,  these are my plans for the room:

  1. Fairly lights : there is going to be a wall that is going to have pretty lights on it!!
  2. Photos : I am going to pick out photos from different phases of life with different people who have come and gone,  get it developed into Polaroid kind photos and stick it on my wall.  This is going to have photos right from childhood till yesterday
  3. Photo frames : There us this craze going on right now called prisma. What this app does is,  it makes your normal photos looks really artistic. I am going to prisma all the pretty photos I have from different places I have been to or places that hold a special place in my heart, make them look super pretty and get them developed and framed.  These will then go on my wall!!

So it’s been a week since I’m home and what have I done so far you ask? IMG_20160912_211047.jpg

Well,  my lights are up and I plan to combine my second idea with this one and hang my Polaroid kind photos on these lights.  The hunt for the photos is now on,  I then need to edit them and make them look pretty and get them developed.  This is the agenda for next Sunday.

For now,  I am enjoying my pretty room with the pretty lights!!




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