Being home

Well,  it’s finally happened,  I moved back home! It’s been a lot of fun being back at home.  More than any of the things I am going to list down shortly,  it is this feeling of comfort, the feeling of safety –  knowing that everything is going to be fine,  now that you’re home and even if things get really bad,  it’s still ok.

What have I done so far?

  1. Set up my room –  well not everything yet,  but the basics are covered,  my clothes are in its place,  all the products I have are in their respective places,  the charging point is done,  speakers are set.  It looks like someone lives there
  2. Food –  I have been having yummy food since the day I got home!! Yummy healthy food.  As much as I wish we had swiggy or fasos here,  I still am extremely happy with home food
  3. The beach –  I really really love the beach,  it is something that I have tremendously missed in Bangalore.  I went with my soul sister (you know, I had an entire dramatic blog dedicated to how she left me in Bangalore and came back home). Ate yummy Maggie also!
  4. Manipal – It is amazing being back in Manipal, even though I haven’t been to all the places,  have started off visiting a couple of places with AB
  5. AB –  I have met him everyday for the last 4 days nw!
  6.  TV – I thought I was over watching TV as I had survived without it for the past 2 years,  well,  I was very very extremely clearly wrong about it!! I love TV!! (who was I even kidding with this!)

Things I plan to do:

  1. Classes –  I still want to join my piano classes,  just need to figure out when I have the time for it
  2. Marena –  I have to join Marena,  waiting to receive my ID card so I can go and enquire.  Need to figure out time for this as well.
  3. Mommy – chill with her,  go to mangalore with her at least twice a month,  watch a movie at least once a month and take her shopping
  4. Home – help out that home,  both financially and with random house work. Like clean the house every Sunday or something like that
  5. Friends – if 2 weekends go on spending time with mommy, the other 2 are for friends. Chill, Shop, eat, watch a movie!!  Anything that one can think of will be done
  6. Save –  now that a lot of my expenses get cut,  I wish to save at least a little every month
  7. Travel – by this, I do not mean the fancy exotic types travel.  I intend to start with Mlore, there are a lot of places left to explore and then span outwards, starting with all the close by places ofcourse!

That’s it for now. Will keep you guys posted whenever I do anything fun!




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