The first day (Final part)

Well, done with Bangalore!!! My actual first day was yesterday where I met my team and my boss,  they are all really nice.  I am the newest and the youngest (no surprise!! But I am happy about it,  it is a nice feeling as against the feeling you get when you open Facebook and everyday there is someone getting married!)

So the thing is that there was vacancy over here,  I was brought here because I asked for it,  it is now taking time to figure out what to give me,  which means that for a week or two,  there is no work for me.  I come in the morning,  read whatever is given,  finish that by noon,  break for lunch,  try not to fall asleep in the afternoon, wait for 5 and go home!!

There are plus points to this as well,  I meet AB for lunch everyday (at least till this weekend,  next week onwards I intend to bring lunch from home), after lunch if there is time,  we go for a random ride and he drops me back to office, in the evening he drops till the bus stand,  I get to have yummy home food,  I get to be home in general.  So for these wonderful things,  I don’t mind the uneventful time on office.

The team here is quite big,  so it is taking me time to know who is who and I haven’t even begun to understand what they all do. Whoever I’ve spoken to so far are really nice to me.  They are much much older than me and have all been in the office for like 5 million years!!!!

Well, this is end of it.  I have to get back to pretending to do something and read the same policy for the 5 millionth time!

The first day!!  (part 2)




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