All things Bangalore…

Well, it finally happened, I got my transfer letter!!! I am moving back home!!!

Well, as much as it surprises me, it does make me a little sad to leave Bangalore. This blog is dedicated to the city and all the things I will miss and how I spent my last few days here.


Things I will Miss about Bangalore:

  1. Weather : I guess this goes without saying that it has the most amazing weather, perfect for long romantic/fun rides!! It has the perfect mix of the city buzz and a quiet town weather!!
  2. HSR : I absolutely adore this place. It has my first home that me and AB made for ourselves, we spent an entire year there and have the best memories ever. The amazing places to chill, the decent rooms, huge ass roads, lots of trees and a lot (and I mean a lot) – actually maybe only – bachelors around!!!  It is a Manipal for grown ups!!
  3. Decathlon : Even though it is sport store with everything for the adventurous (Which mind you! I am not even a little bit), it was still a fun ride till there and look at a few pretty things they had!
  4. Rasta Cafe/International airport/Nandi Hills/Kolar: Even though I’ve been to all these places only once or twice, but you must to know that there were a lot of days with early morning alarms intended to go to these places. I will miss those alarms (so full of hope!)
  5. Manipal Hospital : Well, what can I possibly say. It is another place filled with a lot firsts. My first job, first team, first salary, first boss…so many memories with so many wonderful people!!! A place that has given me and taught me a lot!!
  6. Hole in the wall: The ultimate breakfast place and a very strong recommendation to anyone who visits Bangalore!!!
  7. Long rides/weekend plans: For as long as AB was in Bangalore, we had plans every weekend without fail!! A random long ride if not anything else.
  8. Amazing dinner places : We tried to go to a new place very weekend – Satya’s, paratha plaza, village, High, fisherman’s wharf, 13th floor, the touch club, indigo nation, hopipola, 19th main cafe, the big pitcher, banana beach bar, Jimis, over the top..well it is a never-ending list!!
  9. Ola/Uber : The cabs that rescued me when i had no cash in hand or just had to get to places quickly and without spending a lot!
  10. Random other things : Wind tunnel road, Swiggy, Fasos, the fact that even at 12 in the night the road wouldn’t be empty, staying by myself obviously, late night movies with my roomie, my team, getting up at 8:30 to reach office at 9:00, continuous power supply!


How I spent my last few days in Bangalore:

  1. Hole in the Wall : It goes without saying…Went to HITW with AB
  2. Movie in Rex : Watched one last movie with Varsha in Rex just before leaving
  3. Random ride to HSR : I must admit, I did it to empty fuel in bike before sending it by train. But I did go once gain with Niya
  4. House no. 1546 : Went to my old house with AB one last time. Have countless memories there!!
  5. Rain : When I went to HSR to empty fuel, it rained on my way back, I got completely drenched, but I loved every single moment of it!
  6. Pappu Chaiwala : Had yummy maggie with Niya one last time. Did not see the hot guy there though, that would have been too much to ask I guess. (He looks like Fawad Khan and if you don’t like Fawad Khan, you and me have a problem)
  7. Decathlon : Bought really pretty shoes that I am in love with!
  8. Satya’s : Went to Satya’s one last time with AB and had a good time
  9. Train Journey : Had to send my bike back, decided to send it by train and take the train back home, that way I get to take the train also. Me and AB came back by train and it was the most fun and quite cute and romantic amongst other things 😉
  10. Random other things : Met everybody in office, went out with varsha-misbha-sumeetha, went out with the team, bro came to pick me up – so we drove to Mangalore…I got to drive!!!!!! and also got to see the western ghats!! It is so fucking pretty!, went on a random ride with AB!

Well, it was a wonderful chapter in my life and I have nothing negative that I take from it!! All good things must come to an end and so has my time in Bangalore.

It is a new phase, an opportunity to make new memories in Mangalore. Be in Manipal, like, how I always wanted!!!





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