The first day!! (part 1)

No matter how old you get,  or how experienced you are,  the first day feeling will always stay the same!! 

The first day in school,  the first day in a new school,  first day in college,  first day at work or like today,  first day at the new place 

It is the same feeling.. Just small variations… There is always a group of people who are happy and talking and you wonder if you will ever be a part of it.  Wondering what they are talking about you… Then there is a whole lot of waiting… A ridiculous amount of excitement and and equal amount of being nervous!!! 

So my day started how I think a lot of people’s day starts – arguing with the auto fellow to take me to my new office so I can be in time for the first day!! 

Then there is the form filling and you quietly observe the people around you.. You automatically know who is the sweet one you can go to for help,  who is the alpha in the group who knows a lot,  who the Joker is,  who the quiet serious one is etc etc

Then there is a while lot of waiting,  what I am doing right now,  which I guess is a good things,  it gives me time to write this and complete a couple of other posts as well!! 

Well,  it is a new beginning… To a lot of things… Lets see where this takes me!! 

Oh!! Also!! I had to write down hobbies in my joining kit and I could very proudly wrote blogging as one of them!!!! 




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