There are a lot of milestones all of us have crossed on our way to right now.  Some really small ones that nobody cares about,  some that you want to keep to yourself and some you want to tell the entire world.

This blog is to celebrate one such milestone of mine that I never really thought I would have,  let alone cross it. However,  before we get to it,  I take this time to count all my blessings and remind myself of all the wonderful things that have happened so far (maybe I just want to make another list.. Just maaybee)

Milestones so far in my small random fun life:

  1. New school : I used to go to the same school that my elder brother, mom, granny went to (You know, the one where everyone knows you and you know everyone, where you have your gang!!), and half way through, my mom in an attempt to ruin my life (TO RUIN IT!!!), decided to put me to a new school (by new, I mean, completely new). This is the earliest memory I have of achieving something, when I made new friends and fit in!!
  2. Undergrad : Well, PUC was also a good one, but BBM was better. Until PUC, I was with the same ppl I met in the new school mentioned above, so again, no need to make new friends, and also, I was exactly the same person  I was (even if I wanted to change a couple of things about me, It felt too weird, everyone around me knew the old me!!). Undergrad was an opportunity to start fresh, no one knew me, no one knew what I used to be. This is where I started to become the person I am today. I got bolder to talk to strangers, to know that I had the ability to make friends wherever I went and not to brag (maybe a little bit), I got to be the smart one, the fun one, the nerd…all in one kinds!!
  3. MBA : Most definitely!! If you know me, you know what Manipal means to me and the things it has taught me. Manipal, as mentioned earlier, has a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts, in short, a lot of milestones
  4. Being an adult : A lot of check boxes ticked off, got a job, moved to another city, made a home for myself, managed the said home with my own income, started living off my own income, had to pay bills/student loans, learnt to fix things (household things, bike etc), cooked for myself, grocery shopping, bought a lot of things for mom/granny/bro….well you get the point
  5. Blog : well, this was the whole point of the list!! I started writing a blog!!! Never thought I would actually stick to it, and enjoy it!!! Today I reached a milestone in my blog writing, I have 500 views, (I must admit, around 200 of these views are AB), even if I leave that out, random 300 people read my blog!!!!I have 56 posts, 210 visitors and 502 views!!!! Never really thought I would have this!!!I guess it is safe to add blogging as one of my interests, in addition to reading of course!!(Wink wink, if you read my previous blog!!)

ok going now.

How it all started



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