Back to Basics

For my 10th birthday, my mommy gave me my first novel – Famous Five by Enid Blyton. It is quite safe to say that I was hooked!!! I read all the Enid Blyton books, moved to Nancy drew then to the Sydney Sheldons and Nicholas Sparks! Started to explore Indian authors (I must admit, it started with Five point someone). This is how I spent my time till I was in my Bachelor’s Degree. I used to quite enjoy myself!!

Once I moved to Manipal for my Masters, I realised there were a lot of other things I could do with my free time – Roam around and chill with AB, this was also the time I was introduced to Torrentz!! I then got hooked to this…

I still put in reading as one of my hobbies/interests…but that was just a lie now, its been 4 years since I even touched a book!

My mom has been into reading books for as long as she can remember, since she fell sick a couple of months ago, I bought her a Kindle, so she can read stuff while she was resting! She’s all better now, and I am really bored in Bangalore, so I got the Kindle with me here..and its been amazing, I read the books that I used to read when I was smaller (St. Clares, Malory Towers, Sidney Sheldon etc) and its like I am back to the old me. my eyes hurt, but I can’t seem to put it down without finishing it!!

This makes me really happy because I used to be really proud to put in reading as one of my hobbies (I feel like there are only few people out there who genuinely have this hobby), and was sad that I wasn’t doing it anymore.

So this is me, going back to basics!!

Ok, gotta go now, need to finish a book!




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