The most annoying things in Life

As much as we try to stay calm and have patience and shit, everybody has those few things that really annoy them!!

I was reading through my previous blogs yesterday (Because that is how I spend my Sundays now, glued to my lappy) and I realised I used to make a lot of lists, which reduced in between, but I am going to bring it back!

THINGS THAT ANNOY ME (Like annoy me to  point from where there is no return!!! Like I am going to shoot your head off annoy!!)

  1. The Fan : Anybody who knows me, knows that I cannot live without the fan, even in the most coldest of the nights. I will have 5 million blankets on me, but I still need the fan.This is for 2 things, first is because I hate the heat, second, I don’t like the dead silence in the room when the fan is off. So be it summer or winter, when the power goes off, and there is no fan. I die!
  2. The maid : We have a maid that comes everyday morning (and if you have ever lived with a roommate, you would be very familiar with the wait, the wait for your roomie to open the door in the morning). So obviously, after the second door bell, you know it is up to to you to gather the will power and strength you have to get off the bed and open the door. This is actually not that bad, but there was a phase when our maid used to come at fucking 6:00am in the morning. Who wakes up that early!!!!!!! She has this other quality that makes her the perfect maid, as many times as I tell her, she just refuses to put the fan back on after she is done with the sweeping! (But back to point no. 1)
  3. Slow moving vehicles : Let me be more precise – a slow-moving vehicle in an empty road, who thinks he/she owns the road and wants to drive in the middle of the road!!
  4. Foolish Drivers : The ones that are not aware to this thing called Indicator and decide to take sudden turns without warning the person behind you!! Or better yet, the ones who are looking for a parking spot and are hence are driving really slowly (cut to point no. 3) This really gets me going!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!
  5. When my hair has a life of its own and starts rebelling against me!!
  6. Slow internet!!!! Don’t even get me started on this pain in life
  7. Rude waiters/shop keepers : Don’t get wrong, I have all the patience in the world for crap in my life, but this one thing drives me mad. If you keep me waiting forever, if you are rude, if you are too much in a hurry, if act too smart with me, I swear to God, I will leave all my things in the counter and leave (in case of shopkeeper of course, can’t do much if it’s a restaurant!!!)I have zero patience when it comes to this. I am at my rude and arrogant highest!
  8. Hot food!! I know, I am really weird, people enjoy hot food. I hate it!!! It is one of the few times I still yell at mom, when the food is hot!! Who eats it like that!!! It takes me forever to finish my food!
  9. Cold water showers : Although I hate hot food, I love hot showers. i can manage with warmish water as well on regular days, but then there are some days, where all I want is to come home, have a super hot shower, feel all clean and fresh, eat yummy food and sleep! These days, if there is no hot water, or just very little quantity (which is actually enough, but I want lots!!!) of hot water, then I am unhappy!
  10. I am sure there are a lot of other things that annoy me, but the fact that I can’t think of any to finish a 10 point list is annoying me now!!Oh!!! Oh!! Oh!! when I can’t decide what and where to eat from for like hours together!! That is annoying to me and to everyone around me (Mr AB would know, come to think of it, he has lived though all of these instances where I have lost my head!!)

Well, this is me, you know me a little better now!



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