The Blue stone

For some really weird reason, I have very few memories from my childhood. Not that I had a very troubled one and my mind has just blocked it out, I had a very happy childhood. These lost memories just come to me at random points, funny how the mind works, random things trigger these memories.

So it was a normal day, I was on the laptop, YouTubing, looking for new songs to listen. This one song, some Country song, suddenly got me thinking about this chain that my mom used to wear when I was small. It had this really pretty (I think), but definitely, a unique looking blue stone. If I am right, when I asked her about it, she told me that It was a ring that my dad used to wear.

Its been ages now that she stopped wearing it, I wonder what happened to that. Once I’m home  (on Wednesday that is, for my monthly visit), I intend to ask her about it and ask if I can have it. It had a bulky gold plated thing covering the stone, I plan to get that removed and use the stone in my chain, or make a ring for myself maybe. I dunno, I just really want to have it, I have zero memories of him, it might be nice to have this for myself, forever.

I hope she still has it somewhere and it isn’t like some plastic thing. I can’t stop thinking about it and how much I want it right now.

I want to write a blog everyday, but can’t think of things to write about and don’t want to write random things that don’t make sense. The days I do write, it is because, there is something on my mind that I really want to pen down somewhere and save it! This is one such day. The second the blue stone came to my mind, I got really excited and wanted to write about it immediately. Can’t wait for Wednesday now (Will update on this once I’m home)!!!

P.S : 19 more days!




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