All it takes is a day

You’ve been wanting something for a long time, you did work towards it, took the first step and everything!!

Noting seems to be happening, things are moving really slowly!

Then, there comes this day, this one day when you are filled with 5 million emotions, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, determination and what not. It is an unexplainable feeling and each of us would react or handle in different ways, for few this feeling is for a short span, for others a long one. It is this day, when you decide enough is enough, things have to start moving and send this signal out to the universe that you are truly ready for this change to happen. Things then start to happen, they might either go your way or they might literally blow up in your face. There is this small thought that creeps in your head, if the same would have happened without that one day?

The same thing happened to me and today is the judgement day for me, I have to meet the super boss who is going to tell me my fate (Whether I will move or not) and I will continue this blog once the meeting is done and let you know what happened.

The thing is, I do not have a Plan B, this is what I’m putting all my energy into, and I really need this to work (No pressure!). I am positive that it is going to work! I plan to start today with a positive attitude, not let a negative thought creep into my mind. Things are going to be fine! Whatever happens, happens for the best, I might not see it yet, but eventually I’ll know.

(Okay, I am saving this draft now, to be continued after 10:00am, post my meeting!)


Well, it was a very long wait, but it was worth it. After 4 long months, I finally got a date – 1st September! Spoke to my boss as well, seems to be a set thing for now. It did come with a sacrifice…a compromise you can say, but it is all worth it. So for now, the countdown begins I guess!! 23 days to go!!




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