Strikes & Bandhs

Back in school/college, we used to look forward to Strikes or Bandha, it just meant an extra holiday!!

Especially in college, cause obviously, you had a lot more things you could do on this blessing of a day!

Now that I am working, for a hospital that too, it sucks, for us, there is no strike or bandhs, there are no sudden holidays. The hospital works 365 days! Even if things are horrible and you can’t get to office, you still have to apply for leave!! What kind of life is this?!?!

Today is one such day. Although, i must admit, I did nothing all day, I still had to put on office clothes (not comfy home clothes), sit on a chair (not fall on the bed), sit in front of the system with outlook open (not movies/series/other internet things), eat canteen food (not junk food all day long), well you get the flow!!

Today was one such day, a really slow and boring day at office. It seemed slower than a Monday and 5pm just couldn’t get there faster!!

But hey!!! I got my salary today and I get to enjoy my Sunday tomorrow!! Yaaaaay!




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