Fun Day!

Yesterday has all the potential to be a fun day. My boss was on leave!!!

Surprisingly though, we were being responsible kids and doing our work. So it was just ok- ok.

But the day picked up!!

Remember I told you that my stupid friend moved back home (I had a whole dramatic blog about it!), well she comes to Bangalore every month (Just in time, on the last weekend, just when I have no money to feed myself!) and we make it a point to catch up.

Our usual plan is to get maggie and tea (some fancy tea, which I was not a fan of, but have now managed to be fine with it) talk for like hours, so we did the same. It never fails to  amaze me, the amount of things we can talk about.  We were in that place for more than 3 hours and gave each and every update about us, family, work, friends, family of friends and every other thing that you could probably think of (Even if we haven’t personally met them, we know all the characters and each others lives).

All in all, it was a fun day with lots and lots of madness and laughter!!! (Just the kind I like!)






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