The Awkward Phase

It is widely accepted that the most awkward phase of your life is between 13 and 16 when you hit puberty, but people tend to forget the second awkward phase that slowly creeps in when you weren’t looking – Between 23 and 26!!

It creeps in, when you least expect it, when you are really busy trying to win at life! You wont even realize it, it disguises itself perfectly into your daily life!

It is that weird phase, where you have started working and still haven’t settled into not wearing flip flops to office, when people much older than you call you “Madam”, when kids call you aunty, When you are still not sure if this job is what you planned for yourself, or if you even had a plan to begin with!!

It is that weird phase when all your friends are getting married and you are still trying to figure out if you are ready for it, when you are trying to figure out of the person you love is “the one”??!! When all your friends seem to be doing extremely well for themselves and are taking exotic vacations and you can’t seem to manage to have money till the month end!!

It is that weird phase when you are so full of energy and enthusiasm, but just can seem to figure out where to channel it, When you know you are wasting time on the internet, but not really sure what else to do. When everybody including you, is just too busy trying to get ahead in life aiming so high, that we stress ourselves out, when we can’t for a second chill and realize that it is okay to slow down, you are doing fine!

It is that weird phase when you are stuck between – don’t be stupid, you have to be responsible and Come on!! It’s ok, you are young only once and this is the only time you don’t have any responsibilities in life. When you are stuck having to blend into these 5 million social groups that you have without losing your ability to stand out.

It is that weird phase when you still want to party all night and then realise in the morning that hangovers have somehow found a way of getting worse and you would have preferred a quiet night at home instead.

A year or two into this awkward phase, you realise that all these things that make it award are the same things that somehow make it the best as well!! It is an exciting time, everything is on the move, something happens every single day and we are so full of potential, ambition and most importantly the perseverance to get what we want and be this person we want to be. All you have to remember is, even on the days you feel like everything is going wrong, just step back, breathe! You are doing well for yourself, you still have time, life does not end at 26!!

It's okay to take a step back and breathe




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