The Journey

It’s not about the destination,it is the journey!

When you’ve been waiting a long time for something to happen, the above statement loses all its meaning!

If you have been following my blog, you would know that I want to move back home and this decision was taken in the month of march (almost 5 months now). It has been extremely slow, but there has been progress and its the last leg of the journey.

Logic would suggest, you have waited for 5 months now, just wait for 1 more month, don’t rush it, it is happening (but, logic goes for a toss in this last phase). It’s like you can see the finish line, its right there, you just aren’t getting to it and you’ve been running forever.


It is extremely frustration and ask you can do is laugh at yourself and wonder how you got to this situation in life!!

All this things that I have asked the Universe for has been given to me, I am sure this is will be too, it just is taking its own time for sure.

Its probable the Universe’s way of telling me that it is giving me extra time to enjoy Bangalore and all the wonderful things it has to offer and to make sure I am completely done with it before I am done with it for good!

I am trying to keep myself calm, it is going to happen any day now, just need to stay calm.

It’s the last leg of the journey!




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