Made in India

We as a country are obsessed with the west!!! We want to be them, we want to settle there, we want to study there etc. Although, for a few things, they are better than us, I do agree with that (Don’t get all defensive and start your arguments!), but I think it is time we start accepting that there are a couple of things that we have, that are fucking awesome!!!

All things Indian that I would never trade for anything:

  1. That immediate bond : Regardless of where you are, if you meet someone who is from the same place as you, or better yet, speaks the same language as you there is an immediate bond!! (Keep in mind we have like ten thousand languages being spoken here!)
  2. Food : As much as we fancy Pastas, Pizzas and other things that we cannot pronounce, nothing tastes better than our Dal-chawals, Rice-Sambars, Parathas, Dosas, Idlis, Chats etc (Basically, things that mom cooks). Even if you are the one that goes to KFC, McD, Pizza hut and stuff, don’t pretend like you eat the ones which has 5 million veggies on it or the fancy chicken ones, you still eat the paneer/chicken tikka versions (you know the Indian items)!
  3. Movies : Yes I do agree, we make a lot of crappy ones! I would still choose Bollywood over Hollywood any day!! Songs, dance and every emotion that you can think fin that 2.5 hours!! Did I mention amazing songs???
  4. Family : We might want to be independent and move away from home and stay by ourselves, but I really like the fact that here in India, family always comes first, as it rightfully should!
  5. Education : Although sometimes this does put a lot of pressure on the kids to be doctors and engineers, I think it is great that I can be 23 and say that I have a master’s degree
  6. Skin : Indians need to start accepting their skin colour and realize how much people die to be dusky!
  7. Vacationing : I can go on and on about the all the amazing places in India where you can go, chill and have an amazing time. We have a place for all kinds of people – the adventures, the party animal, the nature lover, the history buff. You get the point!
  8. Names : I love the fact that I have a rare name that people would remember!
  9. Religion : This is a very touchy subject and is currently doing more harm than good for the country, but if people followed what each of their religions actually believes in, it is a very special thing
  10. Festivals : Every other day is a festival for somebody or the other here, it means good food and happiness!!

Disclaimer : All the above mentioned points are just my point of view and I do agree that each of the above points can be looked at from a negative point, but pls!! Just be chill ok??


We do have a long way to go, a lot of things that can be and need to be improved and fixed, but I guess all I am trying to say is, we are not that bad either.




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