Essentials in life

Recently, I read this article about the “Urban Poor”, basically us, who do have a decent income every month and spend it on things that are so essential (as per us of course) that by the end of the month, you are broke anyway (don’t pretend like this is not you and you have your finances all sorted)

This got me thinking, you would think that the most essential things in life would be – food, shelter, clothes, family etc; but not us!! we are much more complex than this!! there is a lot more to us than the simple things!! Our needs are much more superficial than these!

So here is my list essential things in life:

  1. A phone!! A landline, what even is that?? We need mobile phones now. A basic Nokia phone just won’t do anymore. We need smarter phones, even if that is making us more stupid. We need a fancy camera on the phone (both rear and front!) so we can take 5 million photos in a day
  2. A laptop : Who has time to wait for stuff to come on TV anymore, and moreover, who has times for advertisements. We watch new movies/series the second they come out in our laptops now. You must be ancient if you do not know how to torrent! (And yes, that is a verb now)
  3. An internet connection, and No! I am not talking about the old landline connections things that made noise in the phone (see, I don’t even know what they are called), No No my friend!! I am talking about super fast internet and lets us stream videos on HD and no longer have to wait for the grey line in YouTube to beat the red one.
  4. A vehicle, cause who even uses public transport anymore?? It is so crowded and dirty and you have to wait for the bus. Walk till the bus stand and then again from the bus stand to home
  5. Fancy clothes,bags,shoes and other accessories, mind you, not just clothes/bags etc. emphasise to be given on the word FANCY!
  6. Weekend plans : This seems like a normal things to have right? What is wrong with that, a couple of friends after a long week of work want to get together and chill. Seems legit!! But no!! We want to go to a new place every weekend and explore the city!! Half the weekend goes in deciding which place to go to. Going to an extremely fancy place once a month is still agreeable, even if we eat/drink the same things over there, cause we are young!! When else will be able to go to such places without worrying about other responsibilities.

And now for some genuine essentials we all need

  1. A good friend, the one that will not think twice before slapping you when you do something stupid and won’t turn away when you are in trouble. Every person must have this one person that they can rely on, come what may!
  2. Supportive family : In today’s world, where there are so many places a person can lose his/her way, so much pressure to be a specific way, so much competition for everything, one must have a supportive family to rely on, the one that won’t judge you for the mistakes you make, just punish you a little and fix the problem for you (We all do mistakes!)
  3. A group of people to hang out with, like I mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with having a group of people to catch up with after a long week of work. It keeps you sane and helps fight loneliness
  4. A dream, whatever it might be, for some it might be to run their own company, for some to give back to the society, for some to be at home and raise a family, for some to just have a decent paying job, for others it might be many other things. I would never judge a person’s dream, their vision of what they see themselves doing. But have it!! It might change time to time as with your interest and what not, its okay, it’s not set on stone. But have a dream of some sort!
  5. If you are lucky enough, you will find a special somebody to share things with as well!

Well, these are the things that have become quite essential to us these days!




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